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Useful Tools

There are lots of useful tools and calculators available on the Web. Here are just a few we think might be helpful to you, our valued clients.

There is also a lot of information available, and it can be overwhelming. We will share some topics we think may be of interest in our Tax Topics section. If you have topics you’d like to learn more about, let us know at

Tax Caddy – Our Newest Service for Our Clients

Your tax professional’s work is complicated. Your part should not be. Simplify tax time with TaxCaddy.

TaxCaddy makes gathering tax documents and sharing them with your tax professional a breeze. Let TaxCaddy retrieve your 1099s, 1098s and W-2s automatically. Upload or snap photos of your tax documents year-round and store them with bank vault security. Electronically sign your tax documents from anywhere. No more office visits. No more paper organizers. Upload from your PC, Mac, tablet, or phone.

Email or call us if you are interested in using this service for your tax documents.

Tax Topics

Tax Scams – Protect Yourself

Learn how to protect yourself from tax scams, IRS impersonation, phishing, how to protect yourself from scams, and more. Remember – the IRS will NEVER call you.

Identity Theft and Your Taxes

If you have been the victim of identity theft, you may find that the thieves have filed a fraudulent income tax return. This handout provides guidance on the steps the taxpayer should take to file their return as well as specific things to do to prevent future problems.

Charitable Contributions Noncash Fair Market Value Guide

Click here for a fair market value guide for the donation of goods and a tracker to record donations.

The following sites may contain useful information

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To check the IRS website for the status of your refund: Where’s My Federal Refund?

To check the Arizona website for the status of your refund: Where’s My AZ Refund?

Canadians – track your days in the US with the SnoBird (iTunes) or Snowbird Trip Tracks (Android) apps